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CRT Upgrade & Repair

crt upgrade and repair

Pelican offers CRT and LCD repair/upgrade and custom replacement services for CNC machine tools and industrial process controls. We can offer your company cost-effective OEM quality LCD solutions for your old CRTs to keep up with manufacturing demands and technology.

Since CRTs come in all different screen sizes, shapes, format, and communication interface, they can be difficult to upgrade. However, at Pelican we have the unique ability to upgrade most CRTs to LCDs while providing reliable interface between the new LCD format and the old CRT format. Pelican keeps in mind that while upgrading to our customer's needs, the transition has to be quick and cost-efficient, resulting in fewer breakdowns.

We assemble our OSP 5000s in house, offering you just the screen or the whole interface. We are able to assemble the LCDs at a much lower cost than our competitors.

crt upgrade and repair

Advantages of upgrading:

  • Flicker free screens 
  • Low frequency radiation eliminated 
  • Much more energy efficient and does not generate heat 
  • Wider range of screen sizes 
  • Do not suffer burn in imaging since they do not use phosphors 
  • Upgrade from monochrome to color

Upgrade Capabilities:

OSP 5000:

  • E0105-8001 Series 
  • E0105-437 Series 
  • E0105-566-005 
  • (HA)-E0105-800-xxxx 
  • HA-E0105-653-xxxx

OSP 7000:

  • E0105-653-436 
  • E0105-653-097 
  • E0105-800-059 
  • E0105-653-460 
  • E0105-437-074 
  • E0105-566-103-2 
  • 1911-2631-35-003 
  • 1911-2647-20-09 

Repair Capabilities:

  • OPS 5000
  • OSP 7000 
  • OSP E Series
  • OSPU 100 
  • OSP P Series 

We offer a one-year warranty for any upgrades, however repairs are different every time and warranty may change.

Markets Served – CNC Machine Tools, Factory Automation, Process Control, Medical.