CNC Ladder Rework

With the integration of hardware and upgraded ladder program, not only the productivity can be increased, but also some manufacturing problems can be fixed.

Case Study:

Extremely long deep-hole drilling machine

Problem #1

Operators need walk back and forth multiple times between the operator’s panel and end of machine in order to check the part alignment.

Problem #2

The operator needs to frequently check the accuracy of the drilling for each part. Unfortunately, the manufacture’s original ladder design doesn’t have the feature. This leads to high risk of the parts failure.


By adding Radio Control Equipment to machine, the operator not only achieve the control from receiver, which is connected with the control panel, but also the send the signal through transmitter. The productivity was increased tremendously. The problem two has also been solved by modify the ladder logic.

The benefits to customer

Operator doesn’t need to walk from/to between the part end and the control panel. The total cutting time is shortened by 10%.

By no need walk around of running machine, operator and owner have less concern of safety.

The turning can be paused anytime without loosing the position, this increased the rate of finished cutting

Easier adjustment of part alignment

Great job Pelican team!

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