Printed Circuit Board

Circuit boards are far more complex today containing fine pitch parts, ball grid array (BGA), and leadless packages (QFN). A rapid advance in technology allows manufactures to work with much smaller components while improving speed and efficiency. With more complex and fragile design, circuit boards are becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult to repair.

At Pelican Industrial, we have the expertise and technology to repair the most complex, old and new, circuit boards that are damaged. With our employee’s wealth of knowledge for problem solving, they bring a diverse approach to every project to ensure the most accurate repairs with maximum efficiency. We keep replacement parts in stock for speedy repairs because we understand that valuable production time is precious. We can also find or have in stock many rare PCBs, saving you money.

Repair Capabilities:

  • Specialize in Okuma PCB repairs
  • Repair, refurbish, and rebuild
  • Testing, evaluating, and troubleshooting
  • Through-hole component replacement / repairs - Failure analysis
  • Surface mount component replacement / repairs - Cleaning
  • Eco-upgrades and modifications - AOI
  • Base material problems - SMT Assembly
  • Interlayer traces repairs - Bare board repair
  • Lifted, damaged, or missing pads - External traces repairs
  • Field service repairs, engineering changes, and upgrades
  • Gold contact repair/edge connectors
  • Burnt PCB repairs

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