Okuma USB Floppy Drive

Worried or tired of using your old floppy disks on your Okuma controllers? Or damaged floppy disk drive?

Pelican Industrial has developed a USB drive which replaces your floppy drive which just takes a few minutes to install. By upgrading your drive you can keep your original software safe and protected, by avoiding the mishandling of the floppy disks.

Advantages of replacing the Okuma Floppy Disk Drives with Pelican Industrial’s USB Drive:

  • Store OSP Operating System on flash
  • Download Part Programs
  • Reduce your downtime
  • Avoid damages to your floppy disks by using the flash
  • Works on Okuma 5000,7000, E and U series
  • Cost effective, $750 (for OSP 5000 series) compare to $1,500 OEM
  • Easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the USB replacement

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