PDNC Data Management System

PDNC provides an industrial networking solution for CNC machines like Okuma, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc. It can transfer CNC parts program, parameters, offsets, macro variables, ladder programs and production data to and from the CNC machine. All transfers can be run via WIFI or wired Ethernet if needed. Even the machines just have traditional transfer port like RS232, long distance is allowed between the machines and the PDNC server.

PDNC Remote Panel

To eliminate walking back and forth between the machines and PDNC server, tablets are used as remote operation panels for file selection, direct command, and communication alarm & status display.

PDNC Manager

The PDNC server can centralize all the data storage and manage the user credentials and access permission.

Thanks to cloud technology, the PDNC server can locate not only inside a shop, but also in cloud and supply the data secure storage. To fulfill customers’ requirements, PDNC Software can provide different editions: All-In-One, Single-Site, and even multi-sites data management system.

ALL-IN-ONE Topology

Single-Site Topology

Multi-Site Topology

Key Features

  • Total solution for networking all CNC machines and DNC server via intranet and cloud-based internet
  • Easy operation with using mobile panel to eliminate walking back and forth between machine and DNC server
  • Allow concurrent data transfer with multi-machines
  • On-screen instruction on the mobile panel
  • Wired/Wireless across machines, shorten distance
  • Adapter used for converting machine RS232 to WIFI/wired Ethernet, or Ethernet to WIFI
  • Improve management file system
  • Access permission
  • Centralized file bank
  • Secure cloud-based storage and backup
  • Support all kinds of machines (old and new typed) having RS232 port or Ethernet port
  • Reduce machine down time
  • Support different file transfer: part program, parameters, ladder program, macro variables, etc.
  • Cost effective & flexible, consume-based fee
  • Support multiuser access
  • Distributed Numerical Control
  • Real-time monitor the transfer status
  • Enterprise-wide management system: multi-site/shop
  • Different file level support:
    • Company
    • Data Center (Branch/Site/Shop)
    • Machine Specified
  • File Upload/Download from/to machines
  • Easy Maintenance

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